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The size of our firm enables our employees to perform a multitude of tasks in various sectors within floating teams. Versatility is an undeniable asset for any employee who wants to stand out. And unlike workers in large organizations, who are often just a link in the chain, those in SMEs have the potential to get a broader and more specific vision of how their organization works. The results of their actions are quickly visible. They are therefore more able to see how they can contribute to the growth of their organization. Let’s not forget: in SMEs the employees are in daily contact with the managers, which gives them another good opportunity to prove their skills.

Solid performance-management tools are implemented to reward the best employees according to their results. This method makes it possible not only to find outstanding employees but also to detect skills, as well as weakness, for which everything will be done to remedy them.

So, at Petrie Raymond, the employees truly have an opportunity to prove themselves and be outstanding. Each is proud to participate in the success of Petrie Raymond and is highly valued.

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