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Student OR Aspiring CPA OR Candidate for the profession of CPA

At Petrie Raymond, we understand the importance of practical experience to your career development.

Petrie Raymond guides students in the steps leading to obtaining the title of CPA. Our mission is to ensure the success of this important professional step by offering a top-quality practical experience. For the candidate, this is a decisive period of experimentation. The practical experience offered to you will enable you to become familiar with professional practice, develop on the professional and personal levels, highlight your skills, and facilitate your integration into the profession.

Our objective is to ensure that the next generation of CPAs is ready, well equipped, and has the skills to understand a constantly changing work market.

Campus events

Each year, we participate actively in the recruitment events organized by universities in order to assist accounting students. These events kick off our recruitment campaign, which takes place mainly in September and October. We invite future CPA candidates to apply for a practical experience that begins in winter.

Our employment criteria define our work environment and are related to the performance expected of a future CPA: a collaborative and relational approach, a creative attitude toward searching for solutions, an orientation toward learning, a client-centred approach, and so on. Whatever your academic path, work experience, aptitudes, accomplishments, or career objectives, each of these criteria is equally important in the recruitment process.

Looking for an enriching practical experience?