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Isabelle Quevillon

I have been working at Petrie Raymond since March 2001. I started my practical experience there after passing the ÉFU in 2000, and rose in the ranks to become director in 2007. In this position, I work in close collaboration with the partners. I provide the connection with the clients – I work in the field, as they say. I am the first contact with many clients, and we have a chance to exchange a few pleasantries before talking numbers and accounting. I plan and supervise the mandates. I particularly like the taxation aspect of engagements, both individual and corporate income tax. I also like contact with young people, helping to train and develop them.

My career path is unusual. I returned to school at age 35, after staying at home for 10 years to take care of my family. From the start of the BAC, accounting was a real passion for me. On vacation, I might read novels, or chapter 1000 of the ICCA manual. I even took the sales tax course at APFF, in a condensed version during the Christmas holiday, while the children were playing video games or with friends. In 2012, I completed a DESS in taxation. At the time, I was doing my schoolwork for the term in one week, on a Carnival or Royal Caribbean cruise ship, in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. In 2000, after earning a DESS in accounting at UQAM, I took and passed the ÉFU.

I like to travel, visiting cities, towns, and even little villages, or reading on a beach down south. And now that I’m a young grandmother, I’ve rediscovered the joys of simple pleasures such as playing ball in the yard.

I have been a member of the Ordre des comptables agréés du Québec since 2003.