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Yvan Martin

What I underestimated about my choice of career at the time was that my work in assurance would enable me to meet very interesting people, from our employees and collaborators to my business and social services clients. I have always approached human relations from the angle of getting to know more about people and upgrading my knowledge of all types, so I am curious, observant, and responsive to the needs of my clientele as well as those of my employees and collaborators.

That being said, I make it a priority to know as much as possible about my clients’ business, taking the time to talk to them regularly and visit them in their place of business from time to time, in order to provide appropriate advice. I’m very appreciative of the business diversity of my clientele, which helps me to provide services adapted to my clients and to flourish in my job.

I am a member of the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec.